why everyone should take a road trip

With spring break just days away, I can’t help but grow nostalgic for last year. I spent my last spring break roaming the north east on a week long road trip with my best friend.

It is hardly an exaggeration to say that at least once a week one of us will bring up to the other how much we miss the road trip. It was truly an unforgettable experience. An experience I would strongly encourage others to pursue. Here are just a couple reasons why …

the jams

You know you want an excuse to make the ultimate road trip playlist. This is your chance. I mean, you can jam all you want on your way to school or while you’re running errands, but it is undeniable – road trips call for the ultimate playlist. It’s a time to explore new music and memorize new song lyrics. And also time to pull out those old favorites and just sing your hearts out  (especially useful after hours of driving when you’re growing tired).

the food

Yes, I live just outside NYC. So yes, it is basically impossible to grow bored or run out of options for food places. But leaving your hometown (or nearest big city) opens you up to a whole bunch of new food adventures you didn’t even know were waiting for you. You get to explore the food that other cities are known for.

Also worth mentioning – coffee shops. Small towns and smaller cities have THE CUTEST coffee shops. I mean just personally that is almost reason enough to pack a bag and hit the road.

to be spontaneous

Sure, there is a level of spontaneity that comes along with any trip. But I would argue that road trips allow for the most wiggle room. You aren’t really set to any strict schedule and are free to roam as you please. Driving to each destination you’re free to stop anywhere you please and explore small towns you never knew existed.

These are some of my favorite moments from the trip – especially as we headed into Maine and stopped in multiple picturesque towns to see different lighthouses.

the small towns

Road trips aren’t about the final destination. Some of our fondest memories come from towns we stopped in only for an hour or two to grab lunch and walk around. In fact, small towns that we spent a night in were just as exciting as the big cities; there’s just something special about them, a sense of comfort and peace that doesn’t exist in the bustle of a city. For anyone who is as obsessed with small towns and little shops and cute coffee places as we are, small towns are a huge reason to take a road trip.

the mems 

I’m having trouble finding just the right words to describe the amount of memories that come from a road trip – even one that lasted only one week. It’s not about the length of the trip or where you go, but rather about the hours locked in a car together that make the experience so special. The road trip I took last year taught me a lot about myself and gave me the experience to explore a different part of the country with my best friend.

To be fair, and honest, there were stressful or tense moments. But the amount of laughs and good memories that came from the trip are innumerable. I will not list them here as they hold really no significance other than to the two of us, but I can say with certainty that our road trip will forever be an experience the two of us hold close to our hearts and it will not soon be forgotten. And I really do hope that everyone else gets to experience something so special.

A week in a car.

Pack a bag.

Take a drive.

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