week in my life #2

We are back! Week 2! With more pictures of my summer!

This has been a pretty low-key week and has mostly involved babysitting, podcast brainstorming, and avocado toast.

When I was compiling pictures for this week thoughts like jeez I was really boring this week and who will ever click on another one of these posts to see pictures like this were running through my head. I really started to beat myself up over how normal, or mundane, my life was this week and seriously questioned abandoning this series before it barely even got started. But as I thought more about it, I realized that weeks like this aren’t something to disregard or to condemn. Not every week or every day has to be filled with something monumental to be a good week or a good day. This was still a really good week. Even if it seems too “normal” – whatever “normal” even is.

soo here’s week 2. see you next week!

McNally Jackson Books – NYC

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