long time no see

Holy HECK has it been awhile since I sat down to write a blog post. But I’m back! I am excited about this upcoming semester at Colgate and the ideas I have for this blog over the next few months. Today I figured I’d just pop in, touch base, let you all know what the past month looked like for me, and (hopefully) get you all as excited as I am for the upcoming weeks and months on this blog and ~ beyond ~

We are going to do this week in my life style – aka with pictures –

So … the past month of my summer picking up from where we left off …

I went into New York City to meet a friend for dinner. She introduced me to Thai food. We got ice cream. We strolled Central Park. Amazing AMAZING time.

I drove up to Colgate to visit a few of my friends who spent the summer doing research at school. We went to the farmers’ market, went to the boathouse and took out paddle boards, picnicked, and had a very relaxing weekend. But apparently I only took pictures of the food I ate so here it is.

… other food I ate …

This is not my dog but @zack’s dog is too cute to not include in this post. Aspen, you have my heart.

Things that happened this month that are not pictured …

I finished up a great summer working at Madewell. My sister returned from a month in Houston and I got to spend the last 2 weeks of summer with her. I ate lots and lots of ice cream. Family screenings of Bachelor in Paradise. And I spent lots of time with my friends from home before we all packed up again and headed back to school.

BUT … perhaps the most exciting thing that I was busy doing, and the major reason that this blog took a bit of a back seat this past month, was because I was doing a lot of work on my podcast!

Throughout this summer I have been working to produce a podcast and it is finally ready to be listened to by all of you! The process of creating Don’t Tell Them I’m Crazy has been more special than I could have ever imagined. The podcast tackles mental health and seeks to build community and connections – to put a story to the statistics of mental health and mental illness. Some episodes are just me and others have guests on to share their own stories. And we really cover a lot of ground. I have been blown away by the conversations recorded for the podcast so far and could not be more excited that it is finally ready to be shared with all of you.

You may notice … there is now a tab in the menu bar that says “podcast”. You can check in there for where to find episodes. I am more nervous-excited than I have been in a while but I feel so ready to put my baby out into the world and finally get to share what I have been working on all summer. I’m eager to see where this takes us!

See you all soon 🙂

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