week in my life #6 & #7

It blows my mind a little bit that this is already weeks 6 and 7 of this series and of this summer. I took a break from last week because life just got kind of crazy. But don’t worry – I’ve included pictures from the last two weeks in this post. AND I promise you it will be made up in the coming weeks – I have been working on some pretty exciting things if I do say so myself. So get excited y’all!

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what gets you out of bed in the morning?

what gets you out of bed in the morning? what inspires you? what motivates you?

I don’t really remember how I got the idea for this article. It’s been sitting in a word document full of ideas for many months now and when I was planning out articles for this summer I knew this was one I wanted to finally bring to life. Because wouldn’t it be kinda cool to see what people have to say? Wouldn’t it be cool to have a list of what gets people up in the morning – a list of inspiration and motivation and passion and drive? I think it would be. And I think this is it.

I don’t want to talk too much in this little introduction because this isn’t an article about me. It’s an article about you, about us. Working on this article has left me more motivated and more inspired than I have been in a very long time. I am blown away by the honesty and the courage that is shared in each one of these entries and I feel humbled that people shared with me and with this blog and this community. I want to thank everyone who participated in this blog post and helped to make it a reality. This quite obviously could not have been done without you and I am so grateful that you all choose to be part of this.

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please stay

This wasn’t what I was going to post today. In fact, I had pretty much the opposite article planned for today. Today I was supposed to post a fun article, a lighthearted article, about a favorite brunch spot – the first in a summer series of food spotlights. But quite frankly, that article doesn’t seem to matter much right now. Right now we have something bigger to talk about.

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summer so far

So I watch a pretty good amount of YouTube and my favorite videos to watch are daily and weekly vlogs. I think it’s really cool to get a peek into the everyday lives of the people I follow and in the back of my mind I have always tossed around the idea that maybe, just maybe, that could be something I could do. But, it scares me. Despite having this very public platform where I feel comfortable sharing some of the intimate details of my life with you all, something about YouTube is a little daunting to me. I can’t really explain it – it just is. And maybe one day I’ll gather the confidence and the courage to take that leap, but, for now, I’ll stick to this blog.

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sophomore year – some thoughts

If you spent any time around me in the final week or two of the semester you know how sad I was that sophomore year was coming to a close. This was a really good year. And even though I knew that (most) all of us would be back together on Colgate’s campus in a couple months (@seniors we will miss you), sophomore year was something special for reasons I can’t pinpoint and it was sad to think that this moment, this year, was nearly over.

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let’s try this again

When 13 Reasons Why premiered just over a year ago I had mixed feelings about it – and I wrote about them. I am a longtime fan of Jay Asher’s novel and was excited to see what it would look like to transform his words into a television series. I was also excited to see what our collective reaction would be. I’ve been asked many times what my take on 13 Reasons Why is and my response is a conflicted one. I am not going to touch on my feelings about if 13 Reasons Why romanticizes suicide or my feelings about how the series was actually shot and filmed. I really do think that 13 Reasons Why had good intentions and while difficult to watch at moments, started an important conversation and I am grateful for that. But I am disappointed in the way we reacted to it. It brought mental health and suicide to the forefront of our minds and I really think that for a moment we were maybe all a little kinder to one another. But only for a moment. It didn’t last. And I mean in all honesty who am I to say what this show should mean to people or what it should inspire people to do but, to me, to have this show take off the way it did and not have it have a lasting effect on the way we treat other people or the way we talk about suicide seems like a waste. So, as anticipation and excitement rises surrounding the release of season 2, there are a few things I really hope we will do better this time around.

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