talking about love

I mentioned in my last post that as I entered the new year I had scheduled the articles that would go up in January and February. Around Christmastime I was talking with one of my friends at home and she was asking me about my blog and my plans for the year and asked to hear what articles were on the horizon. I shared my ideas with her and she asked me if I could write an article about being alone on Valentine’s Day. I told her, without really thinking about it, that I would. But as the past month has come and gone and I have thought more and more about an article about Valentine’s Day I’ve found myself at a loss for words.

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blog turns 1

This blog turns one tomorrow. That feels pretty crazy to me.

I was scrolling through my blog this morning and re-reading some of my old posts. Eventually I reached the very end of my feed and came across the article that I debuted this site with. It’s titled what you have to say matters. It is, at least to me, a kind of bizarre experience to re-read your own words and to be struck by them the way this article struck me this morning. I had written the article to share with other people yet this morning it felt like someone else had written it just for me.

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10 for 2

I was certainly no stranger to camp when I walked into Ramaquois for the first time last summer – I had been a camper at a different camp for 8 years and worked at another camp for 2 years. I knew Ramaquois was going to be different from my previous camp experiences but a part of me still thought that camp was camp was camp and yeah it would be different but like how different could it really be?

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“she’s just cooler than me”

I like to do my writing in coffee shops. Which coffee shop it is doesn’t matter so long as I have left my house to do my writing I feel a little bit more inspired. Today, I plopped myself down in Kuppi Coffee Company for a few hours to do some writing. As a side note – if you have never been to Kuppi Coffee Company I would highly recommend it (as a place to grab coffee but especially as a place to sit and do some work).

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in defense of the middle of nowhere

Just under a year ago, when it was time for my friends and I to part our separate ways and head off to college, most of my friends headed towards a new city. ‘City’ being the key word there. They headed off to new places that, while a total change in scenery and maybe not a bustling city, still had some semblance of “civilization” – aka a downtown that consisted of more than a couple of restaurants and usually at least one Starbucks.

I, on the other hand, headed to Hamilton, New York. The absolute middle of nowhere.

It sounds really exciting, I know.

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dear lil sis

I am so sorry I left you alone with mom and dad. I really am.

I’ve lately been feeling like I don’t tell you how much I love and admire you as I should. I probably took living across the hall from you for 18 years for granted. Living a total of 2 steps away from each other gave me the constant chance to pop into your room and talk or rant or laugh or cry together. I knew I would see you at least in passing everyday and every conversation ended in an “I love you see you later”. Moving 200 miles away for college, I don’t have the privilege of seeing you everyday. And I miss you. And I love you.

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why everyone should take a road trip

With spring break just days away, I can’t help but grow nostalgic for last year. I spent my last spring break roaming the north east on a week long road trip with my best friend.

It is hardly an exaggeration to say that at least once a week one of us will bring up to the other how much we miss the road trip. It was truly an unforgettable experience. An experience I would strongly encourage others to pursue. Here are just a couple reasons why …

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