everybody knows somebody

March 1st is self-injury awareness day. But not a lot of people seem to know that. A fair amount of people know when suicide awareness week is, or when sexual assault awareness week is, or that this week is eating disorder awareness week. Every year, these awareness weeks are recognized, as they should be. They address important issues and work towards the de-stigmatization and increased awareness of important mental health issues.

But self-harm awareness day? It just isn’t talked about. And that’s an issue.

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don’t blink

If any of you are anything like I was at this point last year, you’ve probably read every “open letter to a second semester high school senior” that exists.

Where you’re at right now is a weird place to be. You haven’t graduated yet but a part of you probably feels like you’re already in college. And, like every “open letter to a second semester high school senior”, I am going to give you some pretty cliché advice: don’t blink. Even if you can’t wait to get out of your hometown: don’t blink.  Continue reading “don’t blink”