Pedal Fast

“Pedal Fast” refers to the two words that are tattooed on the outside of my left wrist. They come from the front of a card that my dad wrote to me 6 months into my recovery from self-harm. “Pedal Fast” is my mantra – my version of “stay strong”. In January of 2017 I wrote and shared an article sharing my story. Seeing the response to that article was the first time I really realized one voice could make a difference. My hope is that in continuing to share my story, we can  open up a conversation surrounding mental health. Let’s talk.



I think that the power of words is too often forgotten. Or, the words we should share, the words we need to share, are often too hard to. I think we need to begin to be honest with ourselves. Start believing the fact that our stories matter. That our stories aren’t over yet. And that our stories deserve to be heard.

And I know that this is way easier said than done. It is easier to preach of community and honesty than to actually ask for help. But I hope that we can begin to try to do so together. I hope that this very small corner of the internet is a space of conversation and of honesty.

As we begin to imagine what it looks like to share our own stories, we must also remember that it is a true privilege to step into someone else’s. People need other people. And as important as it is to accept that you need someone else, it is as important to recognize your responsibility to be that person for someone else.

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